November 16th, 2020

5 Things To Do Before You Actually Start Building Your Website

Create A Clear And Concise Mission Statement

There was something that brought you to this article, a purpose or an intention. Before you make your website you must also go into the process with purpose and intention. Know why you are building this site. Understand who the website is going to be servicing. What are you offering and hoping to achieve? All these questions should be summarized within your mission statement.

Whether you’re building a blog, e-commerce store, or informational site you have to create a mission statement. A mission statement is there to guide you through all other decisions and give you a north star. It guides your value offering, design, your marketing strategy, and even your customer service. Without establishing a clear purpose your choices will be based upon loosely defined goals and standards. 

The process of building a website can seem daunting and confusing. There are a ton of decisions that have to be made, so having a clearly defined goal and mission statement makes the process much easier.

Get Your Assets Ready (Logo, domain name, images)

Oftentimes this is the first step people take when wanting to start a business or online brand but your assets must align with your mission statement and purpose. The main assets for building an online website would include a logo, domain name, images, and copy text. 

The copy text will be changed and be dynamic depending on the design of the website. It would still be good to have a headline written and an “about the product” or “about us” written. 

Knowing what you want to convey in the copy makes designing the website much easier. The images could be included in this process or held off until the site is designed but for companies like restaurants or product companies, it would be a good idea to budget and schedule time for a photoshoot.

Decide How You Will Design Your Website

So you have your assets and a goal in mind, the next step is to merge the two. This is where design comes in this process. This step can be done in a variety of ways. Depending on your budget you can hire a web designer, buy a premade theme, or even design it yourself. Whichever route you take, keep your mission statement in mind. A good designer will ask you about it either way

There are plenty of resources about the design process and many people go about it in different ways. I’ll link some articles below.

It is important that the design is done beforehand and not during the web development process. Doing it beforehand is much easier and cheaper. To make changes in Adobe is easier than making changes in the code base.

Your designer may ask you for color schemes you like, how many pages your website may need, or if you have any other websites you’ve referenced for inspiration This doesn’t necessarily have to be all done beforehand and isn’t concrete. But having a good or general idea would be helpful. Many designers even come up with a “style guide” showing what fonts, color scheme, button styles, etc. should look like across the site.

Strategize Your Web Traffic Plan

Oftentimes people build websites that are beautifully designed and built well but did not consider how they are going to drive traffic there. It takes a while for google to register your website but with a little elbow grease and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) you can help it along to eventually gain organic reach on google.

There are alot of different ways to go about this but a few common ways to drive traffic to your website are blogs, ads, videos, newsletters, SEO etc. This step is not absolutely necessary to have done before you build your website but is one of the most overlooked steps in the process so I always recommend to have it in mind from the beginning. 

So before you expect all the sales and email signups to flood in, consider, “How am I going to get the word out about my website?”.

Decide how you will build your website

This process is dependent on your needs, budget, and technological expertise. Keep in mind each process has its pros and cons. You can build it yourself, hire your friend’s friend who knows a guy, or hire a team of experts. The latter is usually recommended if it fits within your budget. Doing it this way you can know your site is secure, built well and it also saves you a lot of time and energy that you could be putting into your business or passion.

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