September 10th, 2020

Benefits of WordPress for Small Businesses

Why Small Businesses Benefit Using WordPress

If you own a new or existing small business, you already know that some kind of internet presence is necessary. From marketing to direct sales, the amount of people you can reach grows exponentially. You may be looking at multiple avenues to explore, as there are multiple ways to grow your internet presence. In this article I would like to focus on one avenue in particular. The website building platform, WordPress, a content management system or CMS that we at WebCrumbs use and it’s benefits for small businesses. 

WordPress Is Everywhere

WordPress is now powering more than 35% of the web. The reason behind this outstanding success can be attributed to is unrivaled versatility which allows WordPress to be used for almost anything you can think of. From personal blogs, to small businesses, all the way up to giant companies like Disney and Facebook; WordPress can be deployed anywhere. It is extremely user friendly and even available in 196 different languages with 40 of those at 100% translation. Depending on what functionality you need for your site, there are more than 54,000 free plugins that handle all sorts of different functions for you. Functions like contact forms, calendars for events, donation options and so much more. WordPress even offers prebuilt themes which can serve as a template for your website. 

It Gets You On Google

Another advantage of WordPress is how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly WordPress sites are. SEO is a way to structure your website so it ranks higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and others. The better your site’s SEO, the higher your site will rank in. The higher you rank, the closer to the top of the list your site will appear in search results. One can even go as far as saying having a website with no SEO is the same as not having a website at all. WordPress is not only structured for SEO by default but also offers multiple plugins to make the SEO on your site even more effective. SEO is extremely vital for any business, let alone a small business website. There are even businesses whose main function is offering SEO help as a service, and it’s even a service that WebCrumbs can offer. Small business owners may be able to save a good sum of money with WordPress setting up a good foundation for SEO.

The Advantages Of WordPress

I truly believe WordPress is the best possible option for any business, especially small businesses. Thanks to the platform’s unrivaled versatility and customization, it’s no surprise 35% of the sites on the internet use WordPress. Furthermore, plugins help tailor your website to suit your needs; From SEO to payment processing, plugins make it easy to add additional features. To top it all off WordPress is open source software. It’s no wonder why WebCrumbs uses WordPress

I encourage you to take serious consideration in using WordPress for your businesses growth through an internet presence.


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