August 27th, 2020

Fresno’s Tech Boom

A Vision Begins

Tech has blasted off in the “little big” city of Fresno. Fresno’s tech world, which five years ago was nearly non-existent, is thriving thanks to the vision of Jake Soberal and Irma Olguin Jr.. The Central Valley natives founded and launched their new tech hub called Bitwise Industries. This company has been so much more than your everyday tech company. The dedication to hands-on education in the Fresno community on basic and advanced technological skills has truly changed the city of Fresno forever. Bitwise has trained over 4,000 people with their tech education program, Geekwise, 80% of whom have gotten jobs with these new skills. This amazing company has gone as far as making a good dent in Fresno’s poverty level (once second in the nation). Additionally 50% of the people trained being minorities or women. Mind you, women and minorities make a very tiny part of the tech industry overall. What Olguin and Soberal have brought to Fresno via their company is nothing short of a little big city miracle.

Our Beginning

The method in which Bitwise educates the people of Fresno is a core of five in-person classes taught through Geekwise Academy. With these courses anyone can go from little or no experience to an intermediate web developer. As a student they gain hands-on guidance and instruction from industry professionals. They start with the “Websites for Beginners” course, where students learn how to build a custom website using only HTML and CSS. From there they go on to learn Bootstrap, which is great for making websites look beautiful and formatted in mobile form. Then comes a course in Javascript. Knowledge of the Javascript language is essential to anyone wanting to develop websites with platforms like WordPress. The final course focuses on Angular, which teaches people how to build apps from scratch.

Our WebCrumbs WordPress development team is a direct product of Geekwise Academy. The WebCrumbs team was selected from Geekwise Academy to further our technological education focusing on WordPress website development, and all the helpful languages and tools we would possibly need.

What’s WebCrumbs?

We’re a Fresno born WordPress dev shop whose business practice values support, authenticity, and transparency. We strive to give our clients beautiful websites that display their mission and purpose.

A Future Not Yet Decided

Fresno has come a long way in the tech industry. Bitwise Industries in partnership with Geekwise Academy has given people the skills to change their own lives and strive for amazing careers. Only five years in, and they’ve trained over 4,000 people. Can you imagine what another five years will do for the Fresno community? I can’t wait to find out.


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