August 19th, 2020

Working during COVID or: How I Learned to Stop Feeling Uncomfortable and Love Working from Home

Comfort Zones

There is no denying that things have changed. We went from working in offices to working in our kitchens and living rooms with random chairs found throughout the house. From organized meeting rooms with people dressed in suits and ties, to Zoom calls with children running in the background. At first these changes were a little uncomfortable for all of us; it was different than what we were used to.

WebCrumbs is Taking it Home

COVID has affected all of us and we at WebCrumbs decided that working from home would be the best decision to lower the number of cases in our local Fresno community. That means we packed up all the things from our office to set up a workplace from home.

That sounds exciting doesn’t it? After all, working from home is the dream for many people. Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their couch, wrapped in a blanket and drinking freshly made, morning coffee. Plus, we have our dogs at home. Who doesn’t want to be with their dog! That is until Fido decides to walk across your lap in front of all your coworkers and makes sure to click every button of your keyboard before leaving. Or a younger sibling bursts into the office just to announce she’s hungry before coming back five minutes later just to make sure you know.

At first it was uncomfortable. We felt uncomfortable when a mishap like that would happen. Sometimes we’d even get second-hand embarrassment seeing others embarrassed. But, after a while we all started to realize something. We’re all human. We all have siblings who embarrass us a little bit, dogs who bark at the smallest outside noise, and children who want to experience their childhood as carefree as we did. So, after a while we began to feel normal and that blanket wrapped around you is beginning to feel a little softer. With that, we at WebCrumbs could go back to what we do best, making websites using WordPress! Websites that express the creativity, problem-solving ability, and solutions of others using our own creativity and problem-solving abilities. Websites that we love to build, together, as a team. Except this time our offices are our kitchen tables and couches. Our meeting rooms are now Google Hangouts. We collaborate with Github and we do all this because we care about our Fresno community. 

Ain’t No Stopping Us

New challenges may come in our new work from home experience, but we are ready to be flexible and continue building beautiful websites for our clients. We are dedicated to bringing your missions to digital life. Remember we are all in this together. So, to whomever is reading this- stay safe and wear a mask. Do your best to care for your community like we do for ours.